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"I am in the middle of the 21 Day Challenge with Faster Southpointe and I'm already looking forward to May's Challenge!!! The trainers are absolutely incredible amazing and you can tell they truly do care for each person as an individual. 

I would recommend the challenge to anyone who needs a jump start in there workout program or need that extra push also I would also recommend Faster to anyone that needs that new routine in there workout!!!! I love Faster Fitness!! Faster is the fuel to my workout fire!!!!"
~ FASTER Member, Kaitlyn 
Your 15-day FASTER Kick Start includes:
4 Personal Training Sessions
Our personal training sessions are built for you; you will be on a program fit to get you to your goals that is guided by one of our certified coaches. Training times are available throughout the morning and evening.
Unlimited Group Classes
With 2-4 classes available daily, you will be sure to find a schedule that fits you best. Each class is lead by a certified trainer and can be modified or intensified to fit anyone's abilities. 
InBody Body Composition Scan
The InBody is the most accurate scale on the market. It takes you beyond a basic scale to focus less on weight and more on important numbers such as: Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Daily Protein Intake, Daily Caloric Intake, Imbalances in the body and more!
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