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FASTER exists to motivate, educate and inspire our clients to reach their goals. Using our FASTER FIT-MATRIX we can get you there!
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"My friend and I have been going to Faster for the 21 day challenge. We absolutely love it! The staff is friendly, energetic, knowledgeable and always willing to help without hesitation. 

We really like how the workouts are already designed (no need to think about what your workout will consist of) for you, works the entire body in 1 hour and they correct your form in a proper manner. Even though the equipment is the same, the workouts are not, which has us going back for more. We highly recommend Faster!!"
~ FASTER Member, Brenda
"I lost a lot of weight 4 and a half years ago. Since then I have done many different kinds of workouts and even trained for a full marathon but always fell short of loosing the last few pounds of stubborn fat. 5 weeks ago I turned to Faster to lose these last few pounds and gain healthy muscle where In needed it the most. 

The knowledge of Coach and the rest of the staff at Faster has helped me more than I ever could on my own. EFX, MFX, personal training and Faster's line of Supplements has changed me more in the last weeks than I have been able to in a couple years on my own. Their InBody scan has given me a clear road map as to what I need to do to accomplish what I want!"
~ FASTER Member, Chris
Our FASTER Fit Matrix has proven results! 
- Effective Programming
- Accountability/Feedback
- Dietary Support
Your 25 Day Challenge Includes:
6 Personal Training Sessions
Our personal training sessions are built for you; you will be on a program fit to get you to your goals that is guided by one of our certified coaches. Training times are available throughout the morning and evening.
Unlimited Group Classes
With 2 classes available daily, you will be sure to find a schedule that fits you best. Each class is lead by a certified trainer and can be modified or intensified to fit anyone's abilities. 
2 -InBody Body Composition Scan
The InBody is the most accurate scale on the market. It takes you beyond a basic scale to focus less on weight and more on important numbers such as: Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Daily Protein Intake, Daily Caloric Intake, Imbalances in the body and more! 

*Nutrition Plan and Recipe Book also included!
Challenge Dates: Oct. 24th - Nov. 17th

Challenge Kickoff: Wednesday, October 24th at 6:30 pm 
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